How do I sell my notes on

Step 1: To sell your notes, you need to sign up for an account on

Step 2: To create a seller profile and complete KYC

Step3: Upload your notes

Once your KYC and notes are approved, you can set the price and start selling.

The validation requirements for uploading a file to sell may vary depending on the platform or marketplace where you plan to sell the file. However, some common validation requirements you may need to consider include:

  1. File format: only accept specific file formats ZIP, Make sure your file is in the correct format. Add all the required files in the zipped folder.
  2. File size: allows 8 Images for product display with 1MB max file size. While the upload file has 50MB limit.
  3. Copyright: Make sure you have the legal rights to sell the file. You cannot sell copyrighted material that you do not own or have permission to sell.
  4. Content guidelines: have restrictions on the type of content that can be sold, such as adult content, hate speech, or illegal material. Ensure your file does not violate any content guidelines.
  5. Metadata: Provide accurate and complete metadata such as title, author name, and a brief description of the file. This information helps buyers find your file and understand its contents.
  6. Quality: Ensure your file is of high quality and free of errors or formatting issues. This helps ensure customer satisfaction and positive reviews.
  7. Payment and pricing: Set a reasonable price for your file and ensure the payment gateway you use is secure and reliable.

Before uploading your file, carefully review the platform’s guidelines and requirements to ensure that you meet all the validation criteria.

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