My KYC is pending. How long does the KYC & Account approval take?

We understand that you’re eagerly waiting for your account to be approved on! We share your enthusiasm and aim to approve your account as soon as possible.

Our team works diligently to approve all KYC applications within a few hours. However, if we receive a large number of signups or if your specific KYC requires further verification, the process may take longer.

Once you’ve submitted your KYC details and documents, sit tight and wait for our team to review your application and approve your account as quickly as possible!

Some KYC applications get instantly approved through our automated process. However, we cannot verify all accounts through automation due to document upload quality of PAN, Aadhaar, and other documents.

After submitting your KYC, please avoid contacting our support team regarding your application unless it has been over 72 hours since submission.

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